Leaked video reveals possible Huawei Nexus design

This year’s information about Google’s Nexus has started to become more and more interesting as the day passes.


Nexus lovers are in for a definitive treat. Unlike old days, when Google roped in a single OEM for its nexus smartphones, the Alphabet-subsidiary (feels so good to say that!) has simultaneously roped in not one, but two OEMs this time, to manufacture the next iteration of devices along its Nexus series. Luckily, new leaks have surfaced the internet, so we can get an idea about how powerful this phone will be.

We’re still a month or two out from seeing the Nexus 2015 lineup, but today we’ve gotten a solid leak.

There’s also a mention of a USB-C port, which is a new USB standard that offers improved transfer speeds and a reversible insert, just like Apple’s Lightning cables. The form factor is said to consist of a metal body measuring 146.9 x 72.9 x 8/9.8mm.


Unfortunately he has not confirmed if the display’s will rely on QHD resolutions or what kind of processors they might use, although last we heard the LG Nexus is said to rely on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 620, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Huawei were to end up using their own chipset for their Nexus as well. Dimensions for the device will be 159.4×78.3×6.6/8.5mm, which seems better to us in the thickness department. Looks like Google’s going to make Type-C one of the Nexus’ defining features this year and it might work out for the company too, given that very few devices out there utilize the high speed technology as of now. Compared to the Nexus 6, Huawei’s device will tout a smaller screen and be slightly narrower. LG is reportedly working on a 5.2-inch model, and Huawei is preparing the 5.7-inch phablet. There’s no word on hardware configurations or expected launch period so far though.

Huawei Nexus (2015) specifications leaked, will feature USB Type-C port