Legal Marijuana Available At Dispensaries In October

Sales will be allowed at dispensaries until the state begins licensing retail licenses stores in about a year. “If marijuana is legal to use, it shouldn’t be illegal to buy”, Grainger told the Post.


The law, signed Monday by Democratic Governor Kate Brown, will effectively let adults visit existing medical-use marijuana dispensaries in the state to buy certain strains just to get stoned.

However, the law approved by voters last November gave the Oregon Liquor Control Commission until January 1, 2016 to implement regulations on production, processing, and commercial sale of marijuana. The law allows adults above the age of twenty one years to possess maximum quantity of eight ounces of marijuana at home. At that point, a 25 percent sales tax will apply to all sales of recreational marijuana. Brown’s office declined to comment on that situation, or whether the governor was concerned that early legal sales could upset the feds, or her signature of the bill in general.

There are an estimated 270 registered medical marijuana dispensaries now operating in Oregon.

Dominic Corva, executive director of the Seattle-based Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy, said Oregon’s short-term fix is more radical than the regulated approach taken by Colorado.

Oregon joins Colorado, Washington, and Alaska because the states which has absolutely legalised the drug.


Though around 23 states within United States have decriminalized use of marijuana due to its medicinal properties and regular use a recreational drug, it remains to be seen when the federal government will lift the ban on the drug.

Rolling a marijuana joint