Lena Dunham Stopped Using Twitter Due To Bullying

Girls creator and star Lena Dunham seems determined to end the HBO show after its sixth season.


Speaking on the Re/code Decode podcast, Dunham admitted that she doesn’t know her account password, and any updates under her name have been made via a third party.

“I would be upset every day if I was reading tweets from 13-year-old girls that were like ‘You’re fat and Justin Bieber’s our angel, ‘ but I’m not, so I don’t have to be stressed about it”, she said.

Dunham, who created the television show Girls, said a recent photo of her in a bra and her boyfriend’s boxers on Instagram had prompted intolerable abuse.

Anyway, Lena jammed all five toes in her gaping maw even worse than usual this time, and she fortunately had the sense to quickly apologize to what we assume is her rapidly dwindling fan base.

Likewise, I hold the thing most bothering to Dunham about Twitter is not all the insanely-easy-to-laugh-off trolls, but the times she’s been forced to directly engage with honest and valid criticism.

“That’s verbal abuse. Those aren’t words you’d accept in an interpersonal relationship”. A big part of that decision is related not only to controversies like the Gawker clash, but also the sort of hate she received after recently posting a picture in her underwear.

“It changed into the foremost rabid, appalling reviews about my body system, and my Instagram site was in fact somewhat the main point for misogynists to use on the afternoon”, he withdrawed.

‘I don’t want them seeing a picture of me in my boyfriend’s boxers and then be told I’m obese and anyone who looks like me is repulsive and I deserve to be dragged around and smacked, ‘ she added.


Dunham still has a Twitter account, but it’s handled by a third party. “It’s how you imagine people screaming at prisoners in Guantanamo”. “Not that it’s anything to be so proud of, but I do still compose my own tweets”, Dunham wrote.

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