‘Lethal Weapon’ is being made into a TV show

There is no indication yet that original stars Mel Gibson and Danny Glover will be involved in the TV series. Fox has given the project a put pilot commitment, which involves a financial fine for the network if the pilot doesn’t air it. In 2011 Warner Bros. and Joel Silver pushed for a complete reboot, scrapping the idea for a continuation film that had been under consideration. Television, a division of Warner Bros. He’s then partnered with Murtaugh, who must avoid stress in his life after suffering a minor heart attack. The pilot will be written by Matt Miller (Chuck, Forever) who will also executive produce. Pictures, which is the studio that produced the original movies.


Deadline reports that Lethal Weapon will have a similar plot to the 80s movie, which saw Gibson’s soldier-turned-LAPD Narcotics Sergeant Riggs partnered with Homicide Sergeant Murtaugh. The franchise has earned almost a billion dollars at the box office.

TV reboots of popular films have been a huge trend over the past few years.


Despite its well known brand, the Lethal Weapon TV series still faces a competitive market for next season that includes potential adaptations of The A-Team and Behind Enemy Lines on Fox, Training Day at CBS, with The Notebook and Friday the 13th at The CW. In addition, several more big screen flicks, including “Uncle Buck” and “Rush Hour”, have TV shows in development.

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