Liberals and Conservatives tied in new poll, NDP behind

In Toronto, the Liberals have a comfortable six per cent lead over the Conservatives at 34 per cent and the NDP sits with 21 per cent support in the 416. The Harper government, to them, is top down and paternalistic.


Political parties hire pollsters to come up with numbers they feel will help them. Melvin, a Boutiliers Point senior, is repairing a mower in his yard when Godbold shows up and asks if he is thinking of voting NDP.

Rankin said there are smart ways of looking to transition.

“I wouldn’t say he will have a hard night, he could do well, but he’s definitely going to have to play defence quite a bit”. “It goes back to the undeniable truth that the people running the campaign have been an unmitigated disaster”.

“It will give us a much clearer understanding than we’d otherwise get, I think, about where the leaders would want to take Canada in the world”, Prest says. In addition, we will provide greater access to applicants who have Canadian siblings, and we will restore the maximum age for dependents to 22 from 19, to allow more Canadians to bring their children to Canada.

The government statistics agency compared Canada’s spending on research and development as a share of its gross domestic product to other industrialized countries.

The survey was conducted on September 7, the week after Statistics Canada reported the country started 2015 with two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth, meeting the definition of a technical recession.

Conservative Jason Kenney, architect of numerous Harper government immigration changes, said voters won’t be swayed by Trudeau’s promises.

If there is no curiosity as to who will win the riding – a local Liberal worker places the Conservative Leader’s chances at 90 per cent – it is indeed curious how very few Harper signs Calgary Heritage has. Incidentally, Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, has stated in her economic plans that reducing costs and forgiving student debt are a priority.

In his letter made public on Friday, Trudeau vowed to bargain in good faith with public sector unions and work in partnership.

In 2011, the Conservative government put a two-year freeze on accepting new applicants in the family class as they tackled a huge backlog of cases – a legacy they blamed on the previous Liberal government.

The Conservatives have been repressing scientists, and you have to wonder why, Roberts said.

But what the Conservatives do and say in Halifax is irrelevant.

Outside of Winnipeg, 49 per cent would vote PC and 33 per cent said they would vote Liberal, with 13 per cent saying they would vote NDP.

“It’s the first time that anyone has done anything of this scale, with this kind of (polling) information and with this kind of volunteer capacity to get out the vote”, said Amara Possian, Leadnow’s national campaign manager. Leader Justin Trudeau has rejected forming a coalition with any other party if there’s a minority government after election day, but to much applause Kane said he thinks, “We would coalesce with the NDP, in some way, shape or form”.

Jacob said she was “thrilled” to see the room so full of community members.

“So I think she’ll connect with more voters than less with this approach”.


In the United States, for example, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a policy where scientists are free to talk with the media any time they want, and are also welcome to express their views as citizens. As for the lack of NDP-orange in his tie, one expert noted (and I am not making this up) that “Mr. Mulcair’s tie did have a hint of orange – a pattern of flowerlike circles with orange centres”.

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