Liberals poke Tories’ immigration weak spots

“Canada is respected world around for its engagements and interventions and in the past 10 years with Mr. Harper, we’ve withdrawn, we’ve become more mean-minded, and less Canadian on the worldwide scale”, Trudeau said.


Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is promising to make it easier for immigrants to sponsor relatives to settle in Canada if his party wins the federal election on October 19th.

The Liberal leader also took a softer approach, acting calmer and interrupting his opponents much less than he did during the first two English-language debates of the election campaign. In addition, the Liberals would provide greater access to applicants who have Canadian siblings, and we will restore the maximum age for dependents to 22 from 19.

“When Canadians have support – like family involvement in child care – it helps to drive our productivity and economic growth”, Trudeau said at an event in Brampton, Ontario. Those include caps on certain applications, the introduction of the safe-country system, and centralizing power in the hands of the immigration minister.

Trudeau said the New Democrat wanted to give transfers to the provinces but with strings attached – a line that works in Quebec, a province leery of a strong central government. The Liberals would also expand Canada’s intake of Syrian and Iraqi refugees to 25,000 immediately, while pouring about $200 million into the refugee process.

MIREMS, a company that monitors ethnic media, said response to the Syrian refugee crisis has been mixed, with some saying that taking in refugees demonstrates Canadian compassion and others arguing the crisis is not Canada’s responsibility. Making it easier for families to be together makes good economic sense.

“They remember how false these Liberal promises are”.

“Wait times will come down”, Trudeau said.


“The Harper Conservatives froze family reunification applications for two years, then made the rules so rigid that thousands of hard-working people who would like to bring their parents to Canada don’t even bother to apply”.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau speaks to supporters at a rally in Hamilton on Sept. 13