Light version of Windows 10 made for the Internet of Things released

YouTuber Jakub Filo installed Microsoft Office 95, which was originally designed to be used on Windows 95, on Windows 10, and as you can see in the video embedded below, this old productivity suite worked pretty flawlessly despite being almost two decades old.


Windows 10 KB3081436 cumulative update – each package will bring the previous fixes, and this is why they are cumulative updates within each download you install. Those are the same basic specifications that were needed to run Windows 8.1 and Windows 7, the operating systems that preceded Windows 10. With IoT becoming a more solid market force, Microsoft will naturally want its Windows platform to be there as well before the door of opportunity closes. But the search requests themselves will always point to Bing, even when you’ve chosen a different default in your browser. There will be new features like Cortana, Windows Hello, and Continuum that will have their own requirements that you may not meet. Installation takes approximately one hour for most computers, but varies based upon your system capabilities and connection speed. A full list of improvements is available here. The Start Menu is more user-friendly and adjustable. You can also create a variety of desktops with open windows to help to separate tasks. This is great since updates usually indicate bug fixes, optimization, and sometimes new features. You will even have a digital personal assistant.

Windows RT tablets never did particularly well, either. Why isn’t everything touchscreen?! The Upgrade Assistant Web page has a special section devoted to users on computers running Windows XP or Vista.


So it might be wise to give it a few months before upgrading and you can know what to expect. The company indicated that devices with screens which will be powered by the newest edition of Windows 10 do not “have a Windows shell experience”.

Windows 10 addresses platform and browser issues