Lindsay Lohan Cocaine Lawsuit Dismissed

TMZ claims the judge overseeing her defamation lawsuit against the network, claiming they used her name slanderously in regards to her cocaine use, threw out her case!


Lindsay Lohan’s defamation case against Fox News was shut down on Friday, September 18, when a judge said, “truth is a defense”.

Lindsay Lohan’s defamation lawsuit against Fox News Channel for comments made on Sean Hannity’s show that alleged she and her mom Dina did cocaine together was thrown out by a New York judge on Friday.

In the Lohans swimsuit, justified in February (15), their personal legal practitioner stated Fields “falsely, out of context and believe it or not noted, explicitly and similar to a “matter of fact” that often “Lindsay Lohan’s woman has been doing drug along with her”.

After the episode aired, Fox News bosses posted the clip online and refused to take it down when Lindsay’s lawyers asked them to.

This isn’t the first time Lindsay Lohan got into lawsuit filing, she has previously dragged many names in the court over various reasons.

Not to mention there’s a recording of Lindsay telling Michael Lohan that “mom’s on cocaine”, another damaging piece of evidence against the mother/daughter duo.

The actress and Dina sued for comments made on the channel in February 2014 when a guest alleged during a discussion panel: “Lindsay Lohan’s mum is doing cocaine with her”.


According to the audio, she and Dina got into a fight over money – Lindsay said she gave her mother $40,000 to stop her house from being foreclosed.

Lindsay Lohan's cocaine lawsuit has been thrown out