Lion-Killing Dentist’s Holiday Home Vandalised

In fact, the more the worldwide community found out about Palmer’s alleged luring of Cecil from his Hwange National Park in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe to his death, the more forceful the condemnation.


But their vacation home in upscale Marco Island, Florida was targeted overnight Monday when vandals sprayed the words “lion killer” on his garage door and dumped pigs’ feet on his driveway.

Marco Island Police Captain David Bear said damage to the house was reported to police on Tuesday, and it is being handled as a misdemeanor criminal mischief charge, The Guardian reports.

A hand-made sign criticizing Palmer was left in the yard last week.

“A security company has been hired to protect the property”, the AP noted.

Zimbabwean officials say the killing was not approved and Palmer should be extradited.

Mr. Palmer said he didn’t realize Cecil was a protected lion and blamed his guide, who was charged last week by authorities with failing to prevent an unlawful hunt. I hope that people will give the same interest and attention on all endangered animals and express the same anger when they are slaughtered.

Another woman, who also refused to be identified, said attention should be focused on Zimbabweans who struggle to find jobs and adequate food, not animals.

Cecil the lion’s adorable cubs are being cared for by their late father’s pride in Zimbabwe. He said he believed he had not done anything illegal.

The public outrage has affected the dental practice of Palmer. To make it worse, they attempted to destroy the Global Positioning System collar he was wearing as part of an Oxford University study.


Meanwhile in Zimbabwe, their wildlife minister is seeking extradition for Palmer since there is an extradition treaty between Zimbabwe and the United States. “Everything was done aboveboard”.Dorrington said he converted his cattle ranch into a game reserve in the 1980s.Dorrington said he received an abusive phone call Sunday; his Facebook page was later closed from view after people began posting threatening comments.

Cecil the lion