Lionel Richie Puts In Outrageous Glastonbury Performance

While Dolly Parton’s heritage slot at 2014’s festival brought rhinestone-encrusted majesty and kitsch country to a claggy Somerset field, Richie, in spite of some shoddy sound issues, offers a succession of watertight soul, funk, tender sex jams, not to mention a backing band member who is capable of playing a one-armed sax solo while simultaneously simulating the missionary position atop his instrument.


Organisers believe almost 120,000 people turned up to see Lionel’s set and he is still stunned over the dynamic turnout. Getty Lionel Richie performs at the Glastonbury Festival When asked to sum up his Glastonbury experience, he replied: “Outrageous, without question outrageous”.

Most vital to the Alabama-born singer’s Glastonbury debut is his knowing relationship with his audience, many of whom are wearing masks and T-shirts emblazoned with drawings of his face.

“That was organised chaos at it’s best”.

Best of all, unlike the Saturday night acts, he knew the name of the festival he was at and got the Glastonbury crowd to join in with what felt like a jolly old karaoke session.

And while onstage, he told the crowd just how his performance came about this year.

Addressing the hyped up revellers, he said: “It has been a long time coming but finally I’m here doing Glastonbury”.

Last night, the Gnome posted the pictures on his Facebook page, saying: “So, there I was thinking I’d have a quiet weekend away from Ilson Gnome Island – looks like I’ve been spotted though”.

At one point during the show, Lionel noted he could barely hear himself over the booming audience.


Before adding: “I’m believing most of you came out today not to hear me sing but to hear yourselves sing. You guys are so loud I can’t even hear myself!”

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