Live casino roulette with dealer

The popularity of so-called live games has risen in online casino recently. In live dealer casino, you play with live dealer but not with a system. The gambler can make bets and decisions and the live dealer moves the chips, opens cards and makes his move. Some casino live allows to communicate with dealer online or via chat.


Not for nothing, live casino with live roulette game has become so popular and widespread lately. It is explained by it’s similarity with land-based casino and gambler’s trust. Live roulette game seems to be more honest and interesting. The gamblers can see at their monitors the dealer, real roulette wheel, ball or cards. In turn, it gives to gamblers new and more emotional impressions. The honest game is provided by random number generator in ordinary online casino. Live dealer roulette spins the wheel. Besides, the gamblers can talk to him via chat.

The Advantages of Live Roulette

  • There is no random number generator in live roulette. It helps to gamblers get rid from the feelings of falsification in spite of the control of honesty in online casino;
  • There is an atmosphere of the land-based casino where gamblers can talk to each other;
  • Pleasantly dressed dealers promote an excellent pastime in live roulette;
  • Perfect and accurate graphics;
  • You’ll have an opportunity to improve your skills and to try your roulette strategy;
  • Live roulette is played little slowly than ordinary roulette in online casino. It is it’s single weakness. But it absolutely doesn’t prevent the game. The gamblers communicate via chat and have a good time. Some gamblers also can play in other casino live at that time.

Live Broadcast of the Dealer and Your Moves


Online casino with live roulette always improves it’s quality of broadcasting. Statistical data such as wins, bets, fallen numbers, etc. are published on the left side screen panel. Remaining to the end of the bet time and bets limits are shown on the right side. Entry field for your bets is in the bottom of the screen.