Los Angeles bidding for 2024 Olympics

They had been researching if this would have been economically feasible, but Monday the mayor of the Canadian city said it would stay out of the race.


The deadline for submission of bid entries passed at Tuesday at midnight in Switzerland. Maggi said the political risks for him may not be worth it in the long run.

While Tory did not need the approval of council to submit an expression of interest to the IOC, he would have needed council support for any Olympic bid. “We remain optimistic Toronto could and should host the Olympic Games in the future”. Beijing defeated Almaty, Kazakhstan, in the International Olympic Committee vote in July.

“The global Olympic Committee highly appreciates what Toronto has done as it continues to work on a future candidacy”.

It had said the strain of staging two large worldwide events so close to each other would not be possible for Turkey. The winning bidder will be chosen in 2017.

There were no surprises as the five previously declared bid cities were on the list. Current premier Matteo Renzi said a Rome Games would lead to investment and jump-start the Italian economy. Last January, the USOC board, ignoring the recommendations of USOC president Scott Blackmun and chairman Larry Probst who favored Los Angeles, selected Boston as the USA candidate for the 2024 Games.

The Californian city is bidding to bring the Summer Games back to the US for the first time since Atlanta held the 1996 Olympics.

After an initial wave of enthusiasm for an Olympic bid, many expressed concerns about the cost. Garcetti was fast to reward his metropolis’s bid and the impact it might have on Los Angeles.

In a conference call with global Olympic media this morning, Etienne Thobois, chief executive of Paris 2024, announced the nomination explaining having an athlete at the top was a plus twinned with Estanguet’s genuine passion about the Games plan.

The French capital, narrowly beaten by London in the vote for 2012, has formally delivered its official application letter to the IOC. Rome dropped out of the bidding for the 2020 Olympics when the government refused to give financial support.


Hamburg’s bid faces a referendum among city voters on November. 29, with no certainty that it will win. In line with Olympic Agenda 2020, the IOC earlier launched a Consultants Register for the Candidature Process Olympic Games 2024.

Five cities make the shortlist to host the 2024 Olympic Games