Lucas Ties Nuptial Knot with Hobson

George Lucas, renowned filmmaker and director, best known as the creator of Star Wars, married melody Hobson in a romantic wedding ceremony held in California over the weekend. The wedding saw some of the biggest Hollywood celebrities. Melody Hobson was his fiancée for quite some time and well known as his love in the Hollywood circles. The friends of the newlywed couple, who were present at the wedding ceremony that was held at the Skywalker Ranch of Lucas at Marin Country in California, spread the news making use of Twitter.George Lucas



George dated Melody for 7 long years before announcing engagement

Melody is a news analyst at CBS. She also heads an investment firm Ariel. She even heads the board of directors at Dream Works Animation Inc. She and Lucas announced their engagement to the world in January this year though the two of them had been in a live-in relationship for the last 7 years. George Lucas has married for the 2nd time as Marcia griffin was her partner for 14 years from 1969 to 1983. Interestingly, George has three children, all of them having been adopted. George is 69 while Melody is 44, though the romantic photo released by the couple that was taken on the day of the wedding belies the age of the groom. He looks as handsome as ever at the age of 69 while Melody looks like an excited teenager on her wedding day. George met Melody in 2006 at a business conference and the two of them had been dating each other since then

A wedding ceremony to remember for long

Bill Moyers conducted the wedding ceremony Bill Bradley, a former senator, was there to walk Lucas down the aisle.George Lucas melody Among prominent Hollywood celebrities who are there as guests were Oprah Winfrey, Harrison Ford, Quincy Jones, Glen Close, Robert De Niro, Samuel L Jackson etc.  Melody wore a white gown and held a bouquet of bright blue roses in her hands as Francis Coppola performed the ritual of reading. The reception was made memorable by mesmerizing performances given by van Morrison and Janelle Monae. George Lucas Melody Hobson wedding was a joy to behold, tweeted Ron Howard, a noted film director and a guest at the wedding ceremony. Bill Moyers service was beautiful, nothing short of profound. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Lucas. Another tweet came from Samuel L Jackson who said; ‘Let us give a galactic shout out to Master George Lucas and his bride Melody on this, their wedding day’. Incidentally, Jackson is the actor who has been a favorite for George Lucas, having played the character of Jedi mace Windu in Star Wars.


George Lucas was the owner of Lucas Film Production Company that he recently sold to Walt Disney for a whopping $4 billion. Though he donated much of this amount to educational charities, he still has a lot of money to spend on enjoyment with his new wife melody Hobson.