Madonna Appeals The US To Not Attack Syria

War can be tagged mankind’s worst invention and despite the death destruction it leaves in its path, mankind hasn’t learnt its lesson yet. It wants to keep waging and each time finds a new excuse to do it. In present times, the US and its allies would be accused by many of warmongering. The US is trying to build consensus so it can attack Syria, but doesn’t seem to be finding support even amongst its own people. Recently, Madonna spoke up, appealing the US to leave Syria alone. Basically, she put up a photo of a hand drawn poster on Instagram that said “US stay out of Syria!”


Seems like many share Madonna’s views and this was evidenced by the fact that the post garnered nearly 30,000 likes within 19 hours of it being posted. Of course, there were also voices of dissent. Many commented that the US should intervene as Syria has allegedly used chemical weapons on its own citizens.  “There is good evidence chemical weapons were used, killing hundreds, and the world just let it happen. Someone needs to step in. Otherwise, other nations may use chemical weapons on its citizens knowing they’ll get away with it. Now I’m not in favor of war, but I’m in favor of the US going to Syria to stop the regime” commented adreaswolke.Madonna Appeals The US To Not Attack Syria-1

Another user made a very interesting point by arguing that waging war isn’t just the prerogative of the Republicans but the Democrats too, if injustice is being done somewhere.  Another user named freedomlover88 also made a very valid point, by commenting how the US waging war won’t really make things better for Syria because more innocents may die in the bargain. The person also questioned the veracity of the claims that chemical weapons were used. ClebrityInsider


Some, who commented, simply wanted celebrities to keep out of world politics, asking Madonna to stick with entertaining people and nothing more. It’s not just Madonna who has expressed her displeasure, even the legendary tennis star Novak Djokovic earlier commented how war can a terrible thing. He recollected how he once survived a NATO bombing of Belgrade. Not just celebrities but people from world over are condemning America’s plan to attack Syria. A recent survey revealed that nearly 600, 000 people on social networks are unhappy with America’s plan.