Major League Baseball Playoffs 2015: Which Wild Card teams have won the World Series?

Or, it could bring a slate of monotonous playoff games and the Cardinals’ third title in the last 10 seasons. Four teams in each league is enough. It’s not the fans are distracted by the success of their football team or anything. They must deal with the shock of Monday’s news that pitcher CC Sabathia had checked himself into alcohol rehabilitation. For years they’ve dwindled at the bottom of their division. The season series between the teams ended with Houston going 4-3, with the Astros winning two out of three in Yankee Stadium. Plus, let’s not forget the added entertainment value of unprovoked attacks by Jonathan Papelbon on his teammates’ necks and Matt Williams doing absolutely everything wrong.


LC: Yankees and Cubs. If he delivered an all-time World Series MVP performance? Babe Ruth had not yet played for the Yankees.

“[K-Zone] has gone about as I expected in that there were certainly a few people that didn’t embrace the change, but it has become much more accepted”, says Orlins. I’d sure love to find out.

The Pirates (98-64) are appearing in their third successive post-season after a 21-year absence and going against a visiting Cubs team (97-65) that last won the Major League Baseball crown in 1908.

I have the Astros beating the Yankees because Dallas Keuchel’s stuff is just nasty and won the most games in the AL for a reason. Yes, the “evil” Yankees.

Do you happen to know any 106 year-olds?

It’s just another one of those choices baseball has made over the last several years to cater to what today’s instant-gratification society expects from its spectator sports.

JB: Toronto Blue Jays v New York Mets.

Phillies fans of the 1993 notwithstanding, the Postseason might be the most electric in recent memory if the Blue Jays make a late run.

Of all teams, the Chicago Cubs deserve better than that. Both teams were able to save their best pitcher for this matchup, as it pits two of the most intriguing pitchers in the Junior Circuit. After that July 31d deadline, Cespedes ignited the Mets and led the team on a scorching tear to the top of the National League East, eclipsing the Nationals. If you would’ve pulled most experts following that series, they would’ve said the Royals road a miracle wave to the World Series, and were probably doomed to a middling campaign and a lot of what-ifs. 500 this season. That’s why the Jays, who were best when playing stronger teams in 2015, come out of the American League. Either way, St. Louis will have a decided advantage since they won’t have to face Jake Arrieta of the Cubs or Gerrit Cole of the Pirates in Game 1.

The Yanks were even money or slightly better for the most part after taking early support as the very small dog. But by the end of the week, fans will get two games per day. Won’t that World Series be fun to sit through for everyone outside of Missouri? I have St Louis winning in 6.

Arrieta was 22-6 with a 1.77 ERA and red-hot in the second half of the season. But never mind the hurlers, this is the year that hitting wins championships. Isn’t that the saying? And I have the Mets defeating the Dodgers in 4.

A best-of-three would make better sense, especially in line with baseball’s expansion over the last 50 years.

As the New York Yankees host the Houston Astros to begin Tuesday night’s American League Wild Card game, the annual discussion of whether Major League Baseball should have stuck with its previous playoff format of three division winners and a single wild card team will arise. You know why that always comes up when the Cardinals are good?

The next-highest this year was 764, from the Yankees. He has no home runs or RBI in 46 career postseason at-bats, but since it’s October, that means it’s time for Billy Beane to be humiliated.


Neither the Rangers nor Astros have ever won the World Series.

Carlos Beltran after he struck out looking to end Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS against the St. Louis Cardinals