Man accused of stabbing two arrested

Police are searching for a suspect after members from a Cincinnati bridal party were stabbed in downtown Louisville early Sunday morning. Both suffered a collapsed lung but they will be OK. Keisoglu filed a $5 million lawsuit against Thys, who Keisoglu claims was drunk, “belligerent, and violent against other patrons for some time prior to the attack”, and the venue.


Officers arrested Cummings, 45, a few hours later using surveillance video and the victims’ descriptions, according to Lex18.

Cummings faces two charges of first-degree assault.

That’s when police say the two were assaulted.

Police told WHAS the women were returning to their hotel around 2:30 a.m. when they were approached by a man. Police said there was some sort of interaction between the women and the man before both women were stabbed.

He calls the crime “sick”.

“Really it’s the kind of shock – you don’t believe it, because these are great girls”, said Richard Snader.

Sherrie Snader’s wedding was scheduled for this weekend. The bride-to-be was simply going to get something eat in the middle of the bachelorette party when the stabbing occurred, according to her father.


Their father says he’s not sure if the wedding will go on as planned this Saturday.

Bride-to-be and sister