Man arrested in China for trying to light fire on plane

The passenger was overpowered by flight crew and other passengers immediately, said the airport.


A man tried to set a flame up on a Chinese flight early Sunday, but was controlled by travelers and officials and taken into control, the authorities said.

Photographs posted on daily paper sites demonstrated an in part burned traveler seat and a darkened emergency exit door.

A passenger on a Chinese plane with more than 100 people aboard was subdued early today after allegedly trying to damage the cabin during landing in southern China, state media reported.

The report said the plane landed at Guangzhou airport and 95 passengers and nine crew members exited using slides.

The man attempted to light a fire on a Shenzhen Airlines flight with the help of a gasoline and a cigarette lighter.

Two of the 95 passengers suffered injuries and were taken to hospital, the official Xinhua news agency said.

The current incident is a serious breach in airport security where carrying lighters and flammable substances aboard all flights are banned.

A statement from Shenzhen Airlines confirmed the incident but offered no further details.


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Two of the 95 passengers aboard the flight suffered injuries and were taken to hospital