Man claims to find a ‘deep fried RAT’, inside KFC’s takeaway box

A regular KFC customer left horrified after he found a ‘deep fried RAT’ inside his takeaway box.


It has been reported that the customer, Devorise Dixon, from California, was about to eat the KFC’s fried chicken which he bought for him.

But left horrifying, when he came face to face with a piece which looked like a ‘deep fried rat’ – as it has body like rat with a tail at the back.

He uploaded the photos of ‘fried rat’ after filing a complaint to the store manager, from where he bought.

However, a spokesman later explained by saying “This happened in the US and, following an immediate investigation, no evidence was found to support this claim”.

Another user commented on photo “Look at it carefully. It looks like there’s white chicken breast below the breading”.


Man claimed that he found a ‘deep fried RAT’, inside KFC’s takeaway box