Man dies after being gored while filming bull run in Spain

Villaseca de la Sagra is one of the towns across Spain that has continued the tradition of holding bull festivals, where crowds of people run ahead of a herd of bulls, as they run freely through the city streets.


The man was a native of a nearby village, according to reports. & didn’t notice in that one of many bulls was heading for him.

Bull runs are a traditional part of summer festivals across Spain, the most famous being San Fermin in Pamplona.

In June this year in Coria, west Spain, Martin Caballero, 43, died from a 12-inch wound to his stomach, after a bull pushed its horns through the metal security railings Cabellero was standing behind.

“The young man was on the route of the bull run, he was filming with his mobile phone”.

There have been several recent incidents where people have been surprised and injured by animals while recording a video or taking a selfie. Fifteen people have died from gorings in the Pamplona festival since 1924. The tradition is thought to date back as far as the 13th century.

A Spanish man, 32 years old, died Sunday as a result of injuries received while filming a Bull Run with his phone, near Toledo in central Spain.

“This sends shivers down our backbone… we organise these occasions as a practice, so that folks can take pleasure in them, however this stuff occur”, Hijosa stated.

“Bulls are unsafe animals and when there are a lot of people some don’t pay attention”, the mayor told AFP.


Calls to have the running of the bulls banned intensifies. He was gored in the neck and thigh.

Spain: Man gored to death while filming bull run on his smartphone