Man Tries To Pay Water Bill With Cocaine

Now here is something the water department must have never counted on happening. Turns out, the department received an envelope and in it was some white powder instead of a check towards the bill payment.  Authorities of Deltona, Florida, where this incident took place are trying to ascertain, as to who sent this envelope. Reportedly, it was a man who walked into the water department office and handed over this envelope to a clerk sitting at the desk.


The moment the powder was discovered everyone was asked to evacuate the department office and then cops and people from the fire department were summoned. It was eventually learnt that the powder was actually cocaine and some coke head had either played a prank on the department or wasn’t in his right senses, when he did such a thing. Unfortunately for the prankster (or coke head), a video of him walking out of the department office was captured on a surveillance camera. In the video the suspect is seen walking out of the department office and riding away on a bicycle.

Man Tries To Pay Bill With Cocaine

The video also revealed that the man was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. The clerk it seems had never seen the man ever before. Also, all the man did was walk into the department office, hand over the envelope and then walk out. The authorities are taking this matter seriously and the search is on for this man who managed to scare the daylights out of the town authorities and the also the officials of the fire department. Probably, the authorities are also worried that if stern action isn’t taken more people might decide to pay their water bills, using stuff other than cash.


Well, many might argue that the coke found in the envelope was probably worth much more than the bill owed by the man, so the water department has no reason to complain. Too bad that the authorities don’t look at it that way, or 3 grams of coke that was found in a plastic bag inside the envelope, would probably have sufficed to pay  a regular household’s water bill. Another possibility might be that the suspect was so high he mistakenly put the bag of coke in the envelope instead of a check. Who knows the man might return to the office of the water department looking for his bag of coke, after all addiction can make you do some strange things.