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The term, “corrupt”, with 14 percent led the list for Clinton.


Rubio has also picked up three of Walker’s Iowa county chairmen and two members of his leadership team in the Hawkeye State. Grassley was happy to see his warchest – and his grandson’s – filled.

A Florida Atlantic University survey released this week shows Rubio zooming past Bush in their shared home state, although both men still trail Donald Trump badly. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Sen.

National polls are showing a similar post-debate bump for Rubio.

The poll of all voters also showed Trump with an unfavorable rating of almost 60 percent.

His rivals have seemed to noticed.

The strategy boils down to this: Pick and choose your spots, and – for now – stay away from the fray. On the whole, however, Rubio has declined to tumble in the mud with Trump.

He said he felt bad for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, an implicit reference to his weight.

“Am I glad that people are tuning in and watching?” “Leadership is engaging when you need to”.

Rubio is not without his vulnerabilities.

“He’s got the worst voting record in the United States Senate”.

“They say the only way to solve this problem is to raise taxes, grow government, and place crippling requirements on private companies”, Rubio will say, per his prepared remarks, referencing Obamacare. “Look that would be one of the challenges”.

Rubio pointed to his win in the 2010 Senate race as evidence he is not part of that crowd. The Florida senator unsuccessfully lead an attempt to pass a bipartisan comprehensive immigration bill in 2013 that would have provided a path to citizenship for some undocumented immigrants, among other reforms.

Appearing Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” Rubio said the Republican Party needs to nominate “someone who has real thoughts”, though he admitted front-runner Donald Trump has gotten more people to pay attention to the election process. “It wasn’t was an fantastic thing; I was like a piece of water”, he said. Dianne Feinstein, D-California, said of Rubio.

“You lose a lot of weight doing this”, Trump said. “I’m not going to change stripes on this issue”.

Inevitably, there were also a number of losers, and not just Scott Walker, who suspended his campaign a few days after the debate.

Trump riffed extensively on the perspiration of other candidates during last week’s CNN-hosted debate. Ms. Fiorina and Mr. Rubio scored well last week, but now will come under much more scrutiny and attack. “It can’t just be in the enclaves that agree with us”.

“Someone who is serious about the future of our country, someone who understands the challenges that we face”.

The timing of Rubio’s small surge could not be better. Retired surgeon Ben Carson is in second, averaging about 8 points less than Trump, followed by Fiorina, about 4.5 points further back.

“I tell people it’s like shopping for a vehicle”, said Sen.


The GOP presidential primary, the first in the South, is February 20.

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