Mark Ruffalo to star in Captain America: Civil War

We know that Tom Holland will make his MCU debut as Spider-Man in the film, but we don’t know what type of role he’ll play in the story.


According to new reports, while “Captain America: Civil War” films in Germany, Ruffalo has been spotted both on the set and in town with stars Chris Evans (Captain America), Anthony Mackie (Falcon) and Daniel Brühl (Baron Zemo).

Would you like to see Bruce Banner or the Hulk in “Captain America: Civil War”? It was thought that Peter Parker aka Spider-Man would only really be introducing himself on the big screen but it seems that it will actually be much more than that.

Moviepilot reportedly claimed that Spider-Man will also have another costume in the form of the Iron Spider armor in the Marvel “Civil War” comics. After a rousing discussion about the new darkly comedic thriller (which well have more on later this week), I asked Watts about the genre approach that his next film will be taking, and while he couldnt exactly elaborate too much, he straight-up confirmed that the new Spider-Man will find its central hero caught between adolescence and adulthood in a coming-of-age movie package. Apparently, there will be a sequence in which Spider-Man faces off against an enemy, but it is “profoundly dorky and unlike any other big screen superhero fight”.


Remember, Marvel purposely cast Holland because they wanted to portray Peter Parker as a young high schooler. He is a rookie who is kind of making it up as he goes along. His whereabouts are now unknown, leaving when he could appear next relatively open-ended – whether it’s in “Captain America: Civil War ” or several years down the road in the “Avengers: Infinity War ” movies. Just picture it: Steve Rogers and Iron Man, two battled tested veterans who have saved the world twice now, juxtaposed with some punk kid still trying to figure out how his webslingers work? Seeing the web-slinger in the highly-anticipated film will be incredibly exciting, and will be the beginning of a new wave of Spider-Man films. is reporting Ruffalo is in Germany filming scenes for Civil War with Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie and Daniel Brühl.

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