Marvel’s Damage Control In Development At ABC As a Comedy

According to Variety, the crew is the ones who return lost weapons to the rightful owners, help reschedule events after venues have been destroyed and track down missing pets who may have gotten caught in crosshairs. The series now has a pilot commitment.


The superhero studio supreme is introducing a few amusing business into the TV wing of the Marvel Universe.

The concept is based on Marvel Comics’ Damage Control, which debuted in 1989.

Damage Control is a little different from other Marvel Comics characters in that it’s a rotating group of characters who work for a corporation that’s involved with cleaning up after the destruction caused by superhero battles in the Marvel Universe.

The “Damage Control” team have appeared a number of times throughout Marvel Comics history, popping up during and after important events such as the famous “Civil War” and working alongside the X-Men. That will soon change now that “Damage Control” is being developed at ABC. Four limited series have been released.

Karlin will write the script for the project, which he executive produces alongside 3 Arts’ David Miner and Marvel’s head of television Jeph Loeb.

Marvel has been leaving their unique mark on television in recent years, from telling spy adventures through Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter on ABC to spotlighting their street level heroes on Netflix.

A Marvel comedy… are you okay with that?


Marvel isn’t the only comics company entering the comedy space.

ABC Developing New Marvel Comedy ‘Damage Control