Maryland’s ‘Batman’ hit, killed on highway

Since then, Robinson took it upon himself to visit sick children across the country dressed as Batman, bringing with him action figures, and Batman paraphernalia to lift sick children’s spirits.


Lenny Robinson, 51, had got out of his Lamborghini, customized to resemble the Caped Crusader’s “Batmobile”, on an unlit stretch of highway in Maryland Sunday night to check the engine when it was struck by another vehicle, slamming the auto into him. He was checking the engine on his 1960s style Batmobile when a Toyota Camry slammed into the side of the vehicle and hit Robinson.

Lenny B. Robinson, the man known as the Baltimore Batman, has died in Maryland.

Minutes before his death, Robinson had been chatting to a family at a petrol station around 10.30pm after the children were fascinated with the black Lamborghini he fashioned into the Batmobile, police said.

True to form, he gave them some superhero memorabilia before leaving around the same time as the family.

Robinson became famous on the internet in 2012 when police pulled over his Batmobile in Silver Spring for displaying a Batman insignia instead of a license plate. It starts with a little boy dressed as Batman.

Robinson lived in Owen Mills, a Baltimore suburb, and drove every weekend to New Jersey to pick up his kids from his ex-wife.

While no one could ever replace his brother, Scott Robinson says he hopes Lenny’s legacy will influence others.

The driver of the Toyota Camry did not experience any injuries.


Instead of getting ticketed, police ended up taking pictures of Robinson, and he became known as the “Route 29 Batman”. Of Robinson, founder Laurie Strongin told the Washington Post, “He was magic”. “When we replay the traffic-stop video, we smile and laugh, fondly remembering the day that MCP met a real superhero”.

'Route 29 Batman,' who visited kids in the hospital, dies in car accident