Massachusetts boy finds $8k on playground, turns it in

A 7-year-old Massachusetts boy has found himself $100 richer after he did the right thing and turned in $8,000 that he found Saturday at the top of a playground slide.


After finding the cash in a black checkbook, Aiden Wright chose to turn it into the police, who located the owner. When he brought it down “he was actually holding a checkbook with some personal documents and an envelope tucked into it”, the boy’s uncle, Danny Wright, wrote on Facebook. Elias Santos told police he’d been playing at the park with his children when he dropped the wallet.

“Officer asked him if he’s missing anything or got robbed and he fished in his pocket immediately and said I am missing $8,000.”

“I never made any mention to him of the possibility of a reward”, Danny tells Yahoo Parenting. That makes Aiden’s finder’s fee only 1.25% – shouldn’t his services be valued higher than that?

When Aiden was informed he’s now being called a hero, he responded, “Cool”. “What you think about this?”

“We go to Sunday school and he’s been taught to do the thing and this shows the lessons had been learned and we are so proud”, said Ellen Wright, Aiden’s mom.


“What is the gold rule Aiden?” Aidan says it was easy to make the right choice because he believes in treating others the way you want to be treated. “You’re going to learn an important lesson today”.

7-year-old boy finds $8k on playground, turns it in