Media player VLC in development for new Apple TV

The odd thing about Apple TV‘s tvOS is that apps will be limited to 200MB.


But there are now some pretty heavy roadblocks in the way of the new Apple TV offering a more robust, less casual experience.

Still, the Apple TV’s open app approach could put pressure on Roku, Microsoft, and even pay TV operators to do the same. Ideally, we don’t want to get to a point where games aren’t coming to the Apple TV, or being actively rejected, because they won’t fit the remote. (NASDAQ:AAPL) finally announced the long overdue refresh to the Apple TV at its Hey Siri media event.

Currently, users have to stream their content to the Apple TV using a different app during AirPlay. “Who wants Plex on Apple TV??”, said Plex on a post at Twitter. Our goal is to enable people to enjoy Plex on the hardware platforms of their choice, and there is no doubt this will be a top platform for us. The email said that Plex is looking forward for the launch of its app for the Apple TV and the company is evaluating the best criteria to do so.

For the rest of us, it’ll be fall before we get the new Apple TV in our hands. The only way to gain native access to a Plex client is by jailbreaking. This is achieved via a jailbreak process. The company remains inconsistent on its stand, treating games as just another app. The games store follows a structure like the app store.

WatchKit: Provides a way for iOS devices to interface with Apple Watch. I found that tvOS lacks much of the functionality of iOS that users take for granted.

Apple TV is going on sale in the late October. The new Apple TV ships at a mere $149 for a 32GB variant and $199 for the 64GB.

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The new Apple TV faces stiff competition in the living room, from higher priced consoles, and from comparably priced Android consoles. You can’t use share or sign-in dialogs using OAuth such as Twitter or Facebook, either. One of the most touted features of the Apple TV is its newfound gaming ability.

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