Medical emergency sends Boston-bound plane to New York; pilot dies

It’s far less common when they involve the plane’s pilot – and that pilot dies. They were later informed of the pilot’s death on the makeup flight to Boston. “Captain is incapacitated”, the first officer told the Syracuse airport tower, requesting a runway to land. The first officers, or co-pilots, are trained to fly alone, and the Federal Aviation Administration requires two crew members to be in the cockpit at all times in case of emergency.


Parker thanked the Flight 550 crew members who took “extraordinary care” of Johnston and passengers, and airport teams in Syracuse and Boston for helping customers “during an extremely hard time”.

EPA According to media reports a Phoenix-based died while piloting American Airlines flight 550.

If it is evident that the captain of an airliner has become incapacitated, the first officer is expected to take control of the aircraft and then seek help.

The airline spokeswoman said she could not comment on the pilots illness or cause of death.

Details of the medical emergency and the identity of the pilot were not immediately released, nor was it clear when the pilot died.

The American Airlines spokesman insisted that his friend who is a co-pilot had the equal skills to fly a plane.

The airlines also noted that they took care of their passengers and they safely made it to Boston.

An American Airlines captain died after falling ill during a flight from Phoenix to Boston.

The passenger described the mood on board as “somber” and highly praised the crew’s professional and calm handling of the situation.

After the crew change, it got to Boston around 12:30 p.m., Anderson said.

The setback mandated the pilot having to undergo a physical every six months to make sure he was healthy enough to fly.


During the flight from O’Hare to Phoenix, Mariana was using a breast pump in the plane’s restroom when she says the flight attendant rudely demanded she get out.

An American Airlines co-pilot made a mid-flight diversion and safely landed a plane after the captain became ill and died an airline spokeswoman said Monday