Meet the characters of spin-off series Fear The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has been a huge hit for AMC since it debuted in 2010, with its season five premiere, shown in October, attracting the highest ever audience for a drama in US cable TV history. Then he finds his girlfriend, who’s looking like she’s busy attending to something. You can fear the zombies as the “walking dead” or you can fear becoming the “walking dead”. The spinoff shouldn’t be quite as zombie-heavy as its older sibling, but that doesn’t mean that gore has been entirely eradicated as we travel from Georgia to the West Coast. So what do spoilers and predictions say will happen on the Fear the Walking Dead?


Sunday August 23 at 9/8c., only on AMC. Now, viewers are considering that all this maybe happening just as a dream, specifically Nick’s, played by Frank Dillane. The series is now set to go for two seasons.

Up until now “The Walking Dead” has taken place on the east coast, down in Atlanta while slowly working its way up to Alexandria, Virginia.

Georgia-set The Walking Dead introduced its main character Rick Grimes quickly and – thanks to an injury that immediately put him into a coma for weeks – promptly inserted him into a world already transformed by zombies.

Fear the Walking Dead premieres on August 23rd; keep your eyes peeled for our review soon!

This time it features Robert Kirkman, the genius behind the story of The Walking Dead who works as an executive producer on the companion series. It’s nearly here! The 6-episode first season premieres this Sunday on AMC, after months of clips, teasers, news, first looks, and interviews. “Our characters do not and that creates a tension and a sense of dread in the viewing experience that I think is unique to our show, and very exciting”.


Fear the Walking Dead will focus on family and the characters’ relationships, especially in the first few episodes. “I think that’s the truth for all of us, and especially when you get to explore that in an apocalyptic show”.

Frank Dillane as Nick Clark