Mental Illness Awareness Week Kicks Off to Raise Awareness

During October, which is Mental Health Month, we will hear frequently that half of us will experience mental illness in our lifetime. Globally, there are more than 450 million people diagnosed with a mental health problem, and almost a quarter of the disability burden is attributed to mental illness. Now, following the mass shooting in Oregon, a number of local governments and other organizations are joining in, trying to raise awareness over mental health.


Twenty-three mental health groups are calling on Congress to pass legislation aimed at repairing the USA’s broken mental health system.

The church also offers a free PDF resource guide to help individuals and families dealing with mental health issues.

I learned the hard way that mental illness does not discriminate, and its impact on the South Asian communities is as prevalent as it is in any other community.

A mental illness does not define you, and it doesn’t stop you from achieving your goals.

Prominent people will share their stories, and we should celebrate the fact that it is now possible to discuss these experiences without losing our jobs or our friends.

There are other events happening nationwide from Dargaville to Gore as a part of the Mental Health Awareness Week. It is not fair to our Law Enforcement officer that they, not mental health professionals, are frontline in dealing with mental illness instability. Collins said she would reserve comment on the claims until investigators learned more about Harper-Mercer’s motives for the shooting.

That was the theme of this year’s Peace of Mind Conference in Tyler.

The Empire Theatre will host an extravaganza that aims to break down the stigma of mental illness and promote mental health and wellbeing.

The art gallery is a collective space for artists who are battling mental illness issues.


Hillis said she’s proof people can live a normal life with mental illness. “Mental illness is real”. Among the 10 dead are Lucero Alcaraz, 19, who wanted one day to provide health care to kids, and Rebecka Carnes, 18, who had just started her first week at Umpqua. IMH professor Chong Siow Ann, who is the principal investigator of the study, said that cultural factors such as religion could be at play but this was an area that requires more research. With staff that includes licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers, a few city-wide programs are providing comprehensive services to better identify and assist students experiencing emotional difficulties that affect their academic performance and relationships with their peers and family. From the point of view of a mental health patient, these unquestioned cultural biases about mental health illnesses merely make matters worse. Right-wing commentator Anne Coulter advocates locking up people who are mentally ill, writing, “Guns don’t kill people – the mentally ill do”.

Boys and Girls Club of Greater Augusta board member Dr. Roy Miller left watches as U.S. Sen. Susan Collins models the cape with a lightning bolt and letter C that he presented her Saturday during an awards ceremony at Kaplan Un