Mercedes-Benz planning almost $1.3 billion expansion of Alabama assembly plant

Daimler says the new body shop will combine the latest lightweight technologies with innovative joining processes, employing a modular approach to manufacturing. The expansion will create an estimated 300 new jobs.


WASHINGTON-German luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz said Friday it would invest $1.3 billion to expand and upgrade SUV production at its Alabama plant.

Opened in 1997, the Tuscaloosa plant initially made the M-Class, which has since been renamed the GLE.

Mercedes-Benz, for its part, has been dropping hints about the upcoming pickup, with MB vans head Volker Mornhinweg at one point stating that it wouldn’t be a “fat cowboy truck for North America”.

What’s more, the Mercedes-Benz 1-ton pickup along with the analogical Renault vehicle will be manufactured by Nissan at its plants in Cordoba, Argentina, and Barcelona, Spain.

The increased use of computing power in vehicles has sparked fears that carmakers could suffer the same fate as some computer manufacturers, who became dependent on outside companies to write an operating system – a step which saw software makers eventually harvest most of the profits.

Over the last three years Treiber has served as director of the service and parts business for Mercedes-Benz Cars. In addition, there is a powertrain production network (engines, transmissions, axles and components).


Mercedes began producing vehicles in Tuscaloosa County in 1997. All of this revolves around the employees and their expertise, whose work is systematically supported by ergonomic workplace design and intelligent automation.

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