Mexican artisan launches Donald Trump pinata – Las Cruces Sun-News

Trump owns properties in 19 cities across the globe, but it is New York where he is most prominent. “How the hell can you vote for this guy?” “Take your time”. He is the 12th Republican to announce his presidential ambitions. South African comic Trevor Noah will take over as host on September 28. “He has been, believe it or not, uncommonly nice to Hillary and me”, the ex- president said. “Club for Growth claims to fight for conservative causes and support Republican candidates who oppose politics as usual, and apparently will say anything in an effort to raise funds”. According to the World Bank, the GDP of the United States was over $16 trillion, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that our unemployment rate was at 5.5 percent just last month. (Personally, we were thunderstruck that Trump and his irony-free advisers paid so small attention to the lyrics of “Free World”, which blast the administration of then-newly elected President George W. Bush, along with economic inequality, pollution and other topics that probably don’t figure too highly on Trump’s priority list.).


Shots fired, and Trump has been a candidate for less than a week.

After a day of swirling rumors, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the consulting firm Gotham Government Relations & Communications sought to hire paid actors to attend Trump’s much-talked-about campaign kickoff on Tuesday morning.

Ramirez’s Trump piñata isn’t the first he’s made of a controversial figure.

“You know, she’s playing the woman card really big”, The Des Moines Register quoted him as saying there.

She wrote: “Why am I not surprised that Asa Hutchinson, Gov of Arkansas, is hanging LBGT community out to dry⁉”. Women! I’m a woman!

“The point is this: Our legislative system is complex, and we need a leader who can cut through the bureaucracy and get stuff done”, Stewart said, adding: “Luckily, I happen to know a guy”. “Anyone seeking the highest office should denounce such bigoted and erroneous views”, she added. I like Oprah. I mean, is that supposed to be a bad thing?




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