Mexican drug lord had at least 18-minute head start

The flooring by the shower is only a couple inches thick and was not reinforced, in violation of prison policies which call for thicker walls and floors. Reforma reported that Guzmn crawled down a hole into a tunnel, where he rode a motorcycle on rails to a safe house about a mile away from the prison. The path to the cell is even blocked by 17 separate metal gates. But after Guzmán bribed his way out of another maximum security prison in 2001, it took more than 13 years to locate and re-arrest him. The last time Mr. Guzman escaped from prison through bribery and a laundry cart, the warden was removed.


The Bolivian government announced Thursday that its security forces are keeping a close watch on the country’s borders following the escape of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera, a drug lord, from prison cell in Mexico.

Alavez also said she was awaiting an explanation of why Guzman had been allowed to grow out his hair when it was clear from their tour that other prisoners had shaved heads.

Honduras Community Simply.S. law action authorities met with the use of agents of one’s Mexican legal professional general’s offices soon to present data associated avoid detention center of medicine linchpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman and work makes to hear him, a Mexican official official said on Wednesday.

Guzman was first captured in Guatemala in 1993. Floors that meet cell regulations might have hindered the drug linchpin’s escape, but is is uncertain as to whether thicker, reinforced floors alone could have entirely prevented the escape.


Scores of people have been interviewed to determine how Guzman put his escape plan together – and where he went.

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