Michael Chiklis Joins Gotham as Series Regular

Michael Chiklis, no stranger to roles as police officers and super-powered individuals, may have finally found a job that combines those skills into a single, slightly incoherent whole.


Chiklis joins as a series regular and will play Captain Nathaniel Barnes who isn’t afraid of making enemies of anyone at all when he takes control of the GCPD.

Producers teased at the show’s Comic-Con panel earlier this month that season 2 would be all about the “rise of the villains”, which will see Gotham “decline into chaos”.

As an origin story, Gotham has really pinned all of its hopes on a single hero and that savior is not Batman, but James Gordon, as played by Ben McKenzie.

A “law and order zealot” who enters the police force “like a tornado”, Barnes shakes up the organization and racks up enemies on both sides of the law while doing so. Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) may have the heart, but he is far too young and still lacks the training that will help him to fill the Dark Knight’s shoes, so where is Gotham’s Gordon to go for support?

As we know more about Gotham season 2, we’ll be sure to pass it on. He takes a mentor-like figure for Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and becomes a “strong ally”.


TVLine is reporting that veteran television actor Michael Chiklis is joining Fox’s Gotham for its upcoming second season.

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