Microsoft announces the Surface Book

It’s Microsoft’s first laptop. It also features a unique “dynamic fulcrum” hinge that flexes as it bends.


The newly announced Surface Book is a laptop replacement, operating much like the Surface Pro series, but without a kickstand on the back of its tablet portion. Panay said that “We want to bring the Windows 10 in your pocket to life”. “It’s gorgeous”, reports the Verge.

Microsoft is a distant third player in the mobile business, trailing behind Google and Apple both when it comes to market share and profits, but the company just showed it’s not ready to throw in the towel. Microsoft also announced that it will upgrade all of its Xbox One systems to Windows 10, enabling Xbox 360 games to be played on the Xbox One. Another selling point is the Lumia’s new glance-screen technology which Microsoft says requires zero percent battery life.

The exact date and pricing in the United Kingdom is yet to be confirmed while for those who are in USA, the Surface Pro 4 will start at 9 and it will be available from 26 October. A fingerprint reader has been added for Windows Hello, though the front-facing camera on the Surface Pro 4 should suffice for logging you in using facial recognition as well.

The precise dimensions of the new Surface Pro 4 are set at 292.10×201.42×8.4mm and it weighs 766g or 786g, depending on the CPU.

The beauty part? It’s like you’re just looking at a bigger version of your phone’s display.

Microsoft has struggled to get traction for its smartphones amid stiff competition from Apple and Samsung.

The Surface Book won’t be cheap, though.

Like the Surface Book, the Surface Pro 4 can also use Microsoft’s new Surface Pen.

Surface Book, which starts from an eye-watering $1,499 – a few £980 converted, is TWICE as fast as Apple’s MacBook Pro, according to Microsoft.

A 13.5-inch screen can easily detach from the keyboard and become a tablet that works with the company’s Surface Pen stylus.

Of these devices, the Surface Book intrigues me the most. What do you thnk of the Surface Book?

Inside Microsoft is offering “up to” a 6th generation Intel Skylake processor, 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD.


The monitor contains the latest Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, and the keyboard base has a graphics processing unit (GPU) that boosts the laptop’s performance. The Surface Pro 4 has a new dock too, with four USB 3.0 ports, ethernet and two 4k display ports.

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