Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to unveil new Windows 10 devices

The features of Windows are generally overkill for what I do, so I’m considering an iPad Pro and going all in on using a mobile operating system. The October 6 Windows 10 hardware event will be streamed live by Microsoft, according to a company spokesperson.


All in all, this build feels like Windows 10 mobile is now in a close-to-launchable state, which is timely, considering Microsoft is planning a New York-based media briefing on 6 October 2015 in New York.

Microsoft has also confirmed that it is working on the 2nd generation of its fitness band devices. He will be unveiling a variety of new as well as some old devices running on Windows 10, the company’s most recent multi-screen operating system.

There’s always the possibility the vendor, of course, that Microsoft will slim down the Surface Pro 4 in thickness and weight and alter the size of the display and its resolution.

In addition to the 12 and 14 inch variants of the hybrid, the Surface Pro 4 is also expected to feature USB Type-C support and a massive 16GB of RAM for the high performing variant. They are expected to be the stars of the event on October 6. Also Microsoft had earlier announced that it would retain the charging mechanism and form factor of existing device.

The second step Microsoft should now take is to make Send available to even more countries, but that will probably happen after it exits beta.

The document says it has a backlit keyboard with “precision touchpad”, Thunderbolt 3 port, 10-hour battery life, an 8-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front-facer.


In a run up to the Windows 10 Mobile launch, Microsoft released the first build of the upcoming Windows 10 technical preview for phones back in February. It is rumoured that new flagship Lumia phones will be announced then, along with a new Surface machine. Some users also complain about the lack of space in the primary partition that holds Windows files. It is likely that the new family of Windows 10-based Lumia handsets will consist of only two or three models.

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