Microsoft connects Cortana and LinkedIn together for Windows 10

Microsoft extends Cortana’s functions outside its environment, providing a wide range of functions that improves productivity. The integrated feature is included in every meeting reminder set up with the Mail & Calendar, so you can expect it to start functioning from the get go.


The integration is effectively that of Cortana and LinkedIn, with business users now having the ability to do a bit of revision ahead of meetings.

To enable the latest capability on your Windows 10 device, head over to “Connected Accounts” in Cortana’s Notebook.

Windows 10 Mail and Calendar users won’t have a problem in getting used to the new feature. Once the account is linked the next reminder from Cortana about a meeting will contain all of this rich information about the participants. The recent development simply improves users’ experience by providing more information. Cortana can also connect with Office 365 already, providing similar functions.

Windows 10’s user share growth slowed significantly in September, but by the month’s end approximately 110 million customers were running the new OS, data released today signaled.

You can also view your agenda with a simple command: “Hey Cortana, show me my Wunderlist to-dos due today”.

However, it’s still too early to say how the majority of LinkedIn and Cortana users will react to the additions. A free upgrade to Windows 10 for the first year is what Microsoft offered to all its users, but it seems that the initial adoption rates haven’t kept up.


Microsoft is aiming to make it easier for people to do just that with a new integration the company announced Thursday between its digital assistant Cortana and enterprise social network LinkedIn.

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