Microsoft Cortana for Android is now available as public beta

What’s more, Cortana can be configured to replace Google Now as the default virtual assistant when the Home button is pressed. It has been launched as a key ingredient of Microsoft’s planned “makeover” of the future operating systems for Windows Phone and Windows. Now an official US beta version of Cortana for Android is here. The digital assistant is now able to function flawlessly and can also act as the best companion for a Windows 10 PC. And the “Hey, Cortana“, feature (which starts the digital assistant via voice command) only works with Windows, too.


For now, one of the cornerstone features, a user saying “Hey Cortana” to access the app, is not available. With Google Now becoming an increasingly important part of the Android interface, this could pose a major problem for Google.

Microsoft has made a concerted effort to bring its apps and services to other mobile platforms in the face of low Windows Phone hardware sales.

But for Australians who can’t wait to try out Cortana on Android, an earlier version of the app was leaked and is now available to download on APKMirror. Microsoft had announced that Cortana would be available everywhere, but up until now, we haven’t really had an idea of when that would come to fruition. The company is continually working and improving on the application and will incorporate the feedback of its users along the way. It has released a beta version of Cortana for Android. In the beta, you can’t use Cortana to launch another app, and you can’t use your voice to activate Cortana hands-free, according to the Microsoft blog.

In the coming weeks the application is hoped to surpass the beta stage and enter a final release.


That’s because Cortana stores the things it knows about you in a “notebook” so it knows what kind of news, sports scores, appointment, flight tracking, or other details to share with you.

Microsoft Cortana Android beta