Microsoft Cortana might ride shotgun with you one day

Microsoft’s Cortana assistant is deeply integrated into its new Edge browser.


Cortana can now present coupons from popular retailers directly in the navigation bar and with the initial release, Staples, Best Buy and Macy’s are participating in the program; Microsoft says that they will be expanding the service to other retails in the coming months.

Microsoft today released a pilot feature which aims to save you time and money when shopping online when using the company’s new Microsoft Edge web browser in Windows 10. Cortana may be the answer. Instead of forcing you to glance at the dashboard (taking your eyes off the road) the prototype projects information onto your windshield.

That all depends on auto makers to cede control of their systems to a third party, which they’ve been hesitant to for Apple and Google. He didn’t clarify which partners Microsoft could potentially work with but the system sounds intriguing. But the cost of creating the technology seems to be a limiting factor.

According to Gizmodo, at a recent Microsoft event in Taiwan, the company’s chief operating officer Samuel Shen, discussed an automotive platform that projects Cortana, the player’s popular AI companion from the Halo franchise, onto the windshield of a vehicle.

Microsoft is looking forward to teaming up with Taiwanese partners as part of the software giant’s plans to develop “connected cars” that recognize voice commands, a company executive said Tuesday in Taipei.


Ever since Cortana was first unveiled a year and a half ago, Microsoft has continued to expand the capabilities of its digital “personal assistant”. “We have nothing to announce at this time”.

Windows in the Car not completely dead yet