Microsoft delivers first cumulative Windows 10 update

Phone models not included in the first ten will still be able to avail of the new operating system as Microsoft had already announced last year that all Lumia phones will receive an upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile.


It won’t surprise you that, in 2015, there’s a tech company after all your personal data.

What’s probably most concerning is that a lot of the information that is being collected about you doesn’t necessarily stay with Microsoft. It’s huge, with many hundreds of changed files in the manifest. This means that take place in the computer after the operating system is installed, so that a number of third party applications that arrived at the same time addressed this problem by disabling.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has made Windows 10 available from 29 July, 2015 as a free upgrade or with new tablets and PCs. If anything went really slow, got stuck, or even after the update applied, then leave a comment with details of any issues you received.

Microsoft lists the update as KB 3081424 and it’s a big one.

As reported on Microsoft’s Support page: “This package contains all previously released fixes”.

According to the agreement, the OS will save your Bing searches, private email content and the apps you access, as well as “your typed and handwritten words”.

It is said that Microsoft will redirect its effort to Windows 10 Mobile once the standard Windows 10 was successfully rolled-out. It is curious to see what they would do with the information, but it is still important to keep a moderate level of privacy on your computer. You’ll no doubt be aware that Google go through your emails to get keywords for targeted adverts, while Apple’s Siri and Google Now collect data to personalize responses.

It is still possible to make Chrome or Firefox your default browser, but you can’t do it with just a click “Use Firefox as my default browser“.




Windows 10 Update KB3081424 fails to install