Microsoft Extends Preview Program To Xbox App For Windows 10

The Xbox 360 received a system update today, which not only brings new features but also increases the Cloud storage limit.


The New Xbox One Experience‘s home screen will also include access to pinned games and Xbox apps and recently played games at its bottom. The update, for example, makes the console more virtually social by letting you in on what your friends are playing and letting you interact through the new Activity Feed. Via the SmartGlass connections, you can use screen keyboard or your PC keyboard to type text on your Xbox One.

If you want to get the ultimate Xbox One gaming experience, you might be tempted by the Xbox One Elite Controller and all its customisation options.

Games stuck in the queue: You may find games are unexpectedly remaining in the download queue.

Overall, it’s a solid update for those still rocking the console.

It is thought that the new Windows 10 inspired dashboard will go live later this year, by which point most of these issues should have been bug fixed and stamped out. Let us know in the comments section below.

Beta testing the New Xbox One Experience is on a different level than what Preview Program members are used to which is why you need to opt in and then confirm that you would like to participate due to the risks involved. There are several issues with the Live TV experience including compatibility with the Xbox One Cable/Satellite set top box.

A new Guide is available when you double-tap the Xbox button, giving users easy access to the Friends and Parties, Notifications, Messages, Settings, or Snap.

Also on the real-time front are updates to the Activity Feed.

See your Microsoft account balance. Microsoft however warns preview members that due to the nature of the update, a number of issues may occur that could affect games, apps and even the Xbox One itself.


The best deal for getting the controller is if you buy a new Xbox One Elite Bundle for $499.

Xbox 360 2015 system update