Microsoft just beat Google to the ‘on Tap’ punch

As the screens and video below illustrate, users with a travel app or Instagram or discussing a travel destination in a messaging app can invoke Bing Snapshots by simply long-pressing the home button.


First, the app is now compatible with Marshmallow-running devices, so all of you with Preview 3 on your Nexus devices can start using it again, and it also includes M’s new app permissions.

That is the opinion of Wall Street Journal’s Dan Gallagher, who reflected on the Google vs Apple, Android vs iOS battle, as Google prepares the launch of Android 6.0, named Marshmallow. At the moment, it isn’t deeply integrated into apps unlike what Google Now on Tap is aiming for, but that’s only a temporary situation.

Regarding Android 6.0 SDK and Android Marshmallow, Jamal Eason, Product Manager of Android, wrote in a blog post.

Listed below are Marshmallow’s key features you should not miss. We can say that Chrome Custom Tab is, in short, a web experience within an app, as it will also bring features like autofill, saved passwords, and automatic sign-in. All they’ll need to do is to select any section on the screen, for example, any particular text, and Google Now on Tap will pull up relevant information, including context-based definitions. Consumers are required to update or install the Bing app on Android, before the new capability can start working in the background. This will allow for functionality like automatically adding location information to a photo a user is sharing on a social network, and displaying artist profiles and news in a music app.


The new upcoming Android Marshmallow will follow in the footsteps of KitKat (version 4.4) and the more recently released Lollipop (version 5.0). Inspired by the innovation on display across the entire mobile device and application market-not to mention the opportunities therein-his team realized that they couldn’t “stay inside the four walls of Microsoft”, he said.