Microsoft May Use Cortana To Control Its Windows-in-the-Car System

Microsoft’s Cortana assistant is deeply integrated into its new Edge browser.


Microsoft Corp. announced Tuesday it has plans to integrate its Cortana voice assistant in “connected cars”.

According to Samuel Shen, the COO of Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group, the Windows 10-based Cortana will guide drivers by providing vital information through a head-up display.

This new feature is beginning to roll out as a pilot program in the US from today, and will “notify you of the best coupons Cortana can find for a retailer without you ever needing to leave the retailer’s site”.

It’s clear that Microsoft’s car efforts have progressed over the past year, but the company still isn’t ready to launch its own Windows 10 integration.

Apple uses Siri for its CarPlay system, while Google uses Google Now, both of which allow drivers to issue voice commands and receive responses, whether they’re trying to navigate the road, listen to music or send an email or text message. He didn’t clarify which partners Microsoft could potentially work with but the system sounds intriguing.

However, Microsoft has teamed up with the Taiwan unit of German luxury carmaker BMW and Kingwaytek Technology, a Taiwan-based provider of digital maps, to expand its reach to the “pre-install” car segment that has software and devices installed during the car’s manufacture, Yeh said without elaborating on the project. The concept was at that time in its early stages. Mr. Shen explained the launch of similar products and services were impeded by rising costs, although further discussions with the company’s Taiwanese partners to explore potential future applications are around the corner.


“We will always look at ways to bring high-value experiences, like Cortana, to consumers in a variety of ways”, a spokesperson from the company told CNET.

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