Microsoft Office 2016 apps for Android, iOS and Windows

Despite being the most widely used productivity tool, Microsoft Office has been under pressure from cloud-based services like Google Docs lately.


Office 2016 is designed to encourage collaboration in the workplace, with integrated apps and services allowing individuals to better work together across documents. Office 365 subscribers can download the new Office 2016 apps within their subscription.

Office 2016 delivers new versions of the Office desktop apps for Windows, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Project, Visio and Access. Aside from the Windows version, there will be a Mac version available as a one-time purchase option, along with new and improved Office 365 services.

Co-Authoring: The company has finally introduced the much awaited feature of co-authoring which will now allow multiple users to work on one document/presentation at the same time.

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It’s not clear how many new Office 365 users Microsoft will manage to snag with the promotion, but it could help boost the number of users who pay for a subscription, and therefore keep feeding Microsoft’s annual revenue, rather than forking over a lump sum when they feel like upgrading. Now, there is an Office Mobile apps and Continuum on Windows phones that will convert your phone in your own desktop, letting the user create, edit a presentation or even a sales budget plan from your device to a monitor while using the same phone to take notes with the OneNote app.

Microsoft’s Office software has been the company’s cash-cow since its foundation in 1990.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has announced the launch of its flag ship Office 2016 software.

Office 2016 integrates seamlessly with Windows 10, offering features such as “Windows Hello”, which allows sign-in by touch or look. In the run up to the launch of the new suite, the tech world is busy looking at the new functions and features which would be included in the new upgraded platform. Planner will be available in preview to Office 365 First Release customers starting next quarter. Built-in Data Loss Prevention cuts the risk of leaking sensitive data and multifactor authentication helps ensure secure access outside the corporate network.

Concrete’s comments do admittedly come across a little bitter, and at odds to how Office 2016 has been received elsewhere, with many tech publications praising Microsoft’s new software.


Office 365 provides automatic updates, but for consumer and small-business subscribers, Office 2016 updates will not roll out until next month.

Microsoft Office 365 users to get Office 2016 for free