Microsoft Office 2016 officially launched

The 2016 version of Microsoft Office adds real-time collaboration into the mix.


[Microsoft Band 2: Is A Curved Screen Coming?]. Microsoft executive Jared Spataro said it’s the first time it’s available in the more powerful stand-alone product. Office Online will gain the same capabilities this fall. While the test version of the productivity suite was free, this isn’t true for the final release: You either have to pay upfront or purchase an Office 365 subscription.

“Excel 2016 now includes integrated publishing to Power BI and new modern chart-types to help you make the most of your data”, the statement said.

Outlook 2016, another example, automatically removes low-priority mail and ensures recipients have the correct access to OneDrive cloud attachments. For the moment Office Professional is only available for Windows users.

What about licensing? If you have a subscription to Office 365, you are eligible for Microsoft Office 2016.

The update also brings support for features that make Office easier to use, like a “Tell Me” box that lets users search for a particular in-app function like setting line spacing without navigating the myriad series of buttons and menus available inside Office apps that control every little feature. Planner will be available in preview starting next quarter, Microsoft reports. Meanwhile, buying the new software suite outright form Microsoft will set you back a cool £119.99. GigJam provides a new means for teams to accomplish tasks by eliminating the barriers among devices and apps. However unlike 365, 2016 is available for a set fee, too. Additionally, Microsoft Office 2016 can be purchased as a standalone application. The new Office package is designed for Windows and Mac devices and comes with enhanced Office 365 services to deliver users an all-new productivity experience.

Microsoft has offered this co-authoring feature in its web apps since 2013, but the company is “committed to expanding real-time co-authoring to each of our native apps”, says Microsoft Office exec Kirk Koenigsbauer in a blog post outlining the new features.

Office 365 subscribers can download Office 2016 apps as part of their subscription, while automatic updates will begin rolling out to consumer and small-business subscribers next month.


Microsoft Office 2016 still has the base components: the word processing program Word, PowerPoint presentation, and the Excel spreadsheet application.

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