Microsoft plans to bring its digital assistant Cortana to cars

It may not be Siri in your sedan, but soon you may have Cortana in your coupe.


Currently, Microsoft Corporation is teaming up with partner companies in Taiwan to develop its project connected cars.

The Taipei Times recalled that Microsoft launched itsWindows in Car” concept in April 2014.

Microsoft claims to have developed a prototype of a connected car able to recognise commands from its Cortana digital assistant. This prototype involves windshield integration with a navigation system, virtually projecting Cortana onto the windshield to show the driver locations of nearby establishments, along with options such as making restaurant reservations. Cortana may be the answer.

The presence of a voice-recognition based assistant is important to promote safety when driving. With connected car technology becoming more prevalent, the automobile seems like the next logical step for Cortana.

Last year, it was not confirmed whether or not the users could get to interact with the car’s system using their voices.

Keep in mind the feature is in a pilot phase, so it could change or be removed over time. Mr. Shen explained the launch of similar products and services were impeded by rising costs, although further discussions with the company’s Taiwanese partners to explore potential future applications are around the corner. With such a technology, drivers can keep both hands on the wheel while receiving a host of information and help from the prototype model. And no timetable or deadline was announced. The tech company’s efforts in the integrating its technology to cars have progressed really well, although Windows 10 has not been made available for cars just yet.


“We will always look at ways to bring high-value experiences, like Cortana, to consumers in a variety of ways”, a spokesperson from the company told CNET.

Windows in the Car not completely dead yet