Microsoft reveals official 2TB external hard drive for Xbox One

For all related news, views and analysis from the heart of Cologne’s gaming epicenter, have a look at our Gamescom 2015 Hub here. Microsoft has announced that the revamped dashboard for the Xbox One, together with free-for-all backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games, will be coming in November 2015.


The team at Microsoft working on the Xbox One home console is announcing that the recently reveal over-the-air TV functionality for the device will not be available to those who do not have an external hard drive attached. Do users really want to be deleting 40GB+ games because they’ve run out of space?

The external storage looks cool.

Rumors were also talking about a more open application environment for the Xbox One, designed to resemble what Windows 10 will offer, but so far Microsoft has not made an official announcement about it. The drive, with a retail price of US$109.99 contains a 2TB internal 2.5-inch SATA drive.

Seagate, a world leader in storage solutions, has unveiled a new custom 2TB game drive for Xbox, in a strategic relationship with Microsoft.

The Xbox automatically detects your drive and walks you through a hassle-free setup process that will have your drive game-ready in minutes.


The 2 TB capacity is sufficient to store over 50 Xbox One games, ready to take over to your friends’ houses to play – all you’ll need to do is log-in to Xbox Live with your gamertag to get going.

Seagate to produce a 2TB HDD “designed exclusively” for Xbox