Microsoft’s Gamescom plans include Crackdown, Scalebound, Quantum Break

Microsoft take their gaming conventions very seriously; they’ve got ‘major plans’ for Gamescom. We were overwhelmed by your wonderful response, which is why we got right back to work on the next big event after we returned from LA.


Better sharing options allow users to broadcast their achievements, as well as Xbox One game clips and screenshots to the activity feed. Xbox Live Gold subscribers will receive two AAA titles: one for Xbox One and a game for Xbox 360. The third title, Quantum Break, is a time-bending shooter being developed by Alan Wake creators Remedy Entertainment.

Microsoft has finally unveiled the pack of four games that Xbox Live with Gold subscribers will be able to grab for free in the month of July. I’m looking forward to hearing more about each of these exclusives.

Microsoft’s briefing will take place on August 4th at 4:00pm CEST – 10:00 am EST/ 7:00am PST. Alternately, you can tune in at Last week, the company was running a promotion that offered anyone that purchased an Xbox One an additional free game. On August 4 and 5, it’s holding a Fanfest, much like the one at E3.

Microsoft also confirmed 2015 releases such as Forza Motorsport 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Halo 5: Guardians will be at the show either playable or in a theater presentation. You can access it from July 16 through August 15. There is always more treasure to find, more enemies to slay in fanciful combat, new magic spells to learn and minor rewards to push you toward eventual victory, even if you’re the worst Fable 2 player imaginable.


Play from console: The Xbox app hub pages will also enable you to launch an Xbox One game that you have on your console for streaming on your PC.

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