Microsoft working on its own VR Kit to rival Google Cardboard

Unveiled in January this year, Microsoft’s HoloLens is an ambitious look at the future of computing.


The website for an upcoming hackathon in Russian Federation highlights something called the Microsoft VR Kit, a Cardboard-like device that turns a Lumia smartphone into virtual reality headset. With augmented reality becoming the premium of illusion, virtual reality should at least be more readily available to the public for more trivial tasks such as gaming and social media. The company is doing just that with a hackaton that they’re sponsoring in the coldest of countries, Russia.

The accompanying text also suggests that Microsoft’s “kit” will also include templates for certain aspects of VR coding, as well as tools for use in the creation of games and experiences to help developers get started. We’re curious to see hands-on videos and photos of the kit, although we do expect the Redmond giant to release the plans for it once everything is ready, like Google did with Cardboard.


Even though the two are apparently unrelated, a cardboard VR kit is likely part of Microsoft’s wider plan to throw considerable weight behind the HoloLens wearable headset, which was originally announced in 2015 and is expected to arrive at some point during Windows 10’s lifespan. The DIY device has proved to be an effective means of getting VR into the hands of just about anyone, made from simple materials and relying on the owner’s own smartphone as a display, processor and head-tracker. As you can see in the image at the top of this post, the kit works by inserting your Lumia into a cardboard box and then holding it to your face.

Microsoft Has A Google Cardboard Competitor Called VR Kit