Microsoft Xbox 360: New updates released

An update to the Xbox One’s user interface dubbed the “New Xbox One Experience” has begun deploying to Xbox Preview Program members who opted in for the update, says Microsoft.


The update to the Xbox App on Windows 10 is rolling out today, and an Xbox Beta App for Windows 10 will arrive later this month.

Some of us do not mind living out ordinary lives, where there is not much value placed on the flashy and expensive items.

The update also now lets you use your Xbox 360 in public networks that require users to agree to Terms of Use before connecting to the Internet.

Quickly jump to Pins and My Games and Apps. While on the Home screen, it’s now accessed by scrolling over to the left side of the screen. Players can swap the thumbsticks and D-pads to customize the feel and design of the controller, the device also comes with hair-trigger locks. The new update is said to have the allowance to connect to internet for Xbox Live while you are away in hotels, among other places.

See your Microsoft account balance. Notifications, in particular, have been overhauled, as they are now grouped together based on their type or the game/app they originated from.

Furthermore, during the podcast, Ybarra also talked about Windows 10’s upcoming integration with Xbox One.

However, although “The Taken King” had been a long time in the making, and with Bungie dedicating itself to its smooth release, there were still some issues that cropped up when it was launched.

A new, easier to navigate Store. Moreover, this will show the latest TV shows, movies, and other content. The Xbox One, as Microsoft sees it, isn’t just a console but it is an entertainment module.

In addition to that, Xbox One gamers are expected to enjoy more games after Microsoft announced the backwards compatibility of the newest console.

Throughout the video, both Irving and Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb repeatedly point out how many of these changes stem directly from fan feedback.

Discovering the best configurations can improve accuracy, speed and reach as there’s different size options too. If you purchased a physical copy of a game, then you are in business.


Xbox One owners will eventually be able to surf the web using Microsoft Edge.

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