Microsoft Xbox One Is Set To Get Cortana

So, are you excited by this reincarnation of Crackdown, and do you actually believe that they’re able to upgrade an average Xbox One by 20 time, s simply using internet connection?


Alongside all manner of other announcements at Gamescom, Microsoft revealed a new limited edition version of the Xbox One that is designed specifically to match Halo 5: Guardians. This will be a great added feature because although Microsoft has released a USB Tuner accesory for Xbox One owners in Europe and US, it did not offer full DVR functionality.

The new update will also pair Xbox One users with Cortana -a personal digital assistant that can help you with a wide variety of daily activities like scheduling a meeting, finding the nearest sushi restaurant, and searching the web.

Players who already have an Xbox One console can still get in on the “Halo” fun with two “Halo 5: Guardians” controllers.

Microsoft is due to launch an over-the-air TV DVR that will plug into its Xbox One games console next year.

Microsoft announced the pre-order availability during its gamescom 2015 press conference today. The report said that the console contains various customized sound effects which players will be able to locate within the video game.

What will be interesting to see is how the refreshed Xbox One will play with Windows 10 PCs.

Last but not least, is the officially licensed ASTRO Gaming A40+ MixAmp M80 Halo 5: Guardians Edition Headset. Will the refreshed Windows Store included with Windows 10 be any different, and is Microsoft planning to use the Windows userbase to challenge Steam? Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer teased that the game will be pushing through with their release date for Xbox One!

The company also announced that the select Xbox 360 games will be compatible with Xbox One.


Coming a little sooner, in November, is the news about backwards compatibility.

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